What We Do for Dental Offices

Mellin Technology Management provides a variety of dependable high-tech products and services to the Dental Industry.

With hundreds of office installations, we understand your technology environment. If you would like to enhance your office through technology, we can help.

The focus of Mellin Technology Management is to guide and provide dentist with the best technologies available to them. Using our three step process to help you navigate through the technology process from planning to installation and support there will be no need for unnecessary anxiety. With proven method for cost saving through negotiated discounts, smart purchasing, competitive pricing and bundling of services will make your dollars go further.

By letting Mellin Technology Management serve you, you can relax, knowing that you have selected a company who will deliver you quality products and services on time and on budget. Your end result will be fewer headaches and sleepless nights by using a one-stop, turn-key operation.

Please give us a call for an in-depth overview of solutions that will fit your technology needs.


We have installed the IT infrastructure in hundreds of different dental offices. We know how you are going to use that equipment inside your office, even if it is not dental-specific technology, such as phone or music systems. Through our experience of setting up hundreds of dental practices, we know how to set up all of your technology systems to maximize efficiency in your environment; not just a "standard" business layout but one designed for your specific operatories, business and consult areas.

Dental Tech Management

Dental Office technology is constantly changing. Dentists are typically so busy running their practice that it is hard to stay on top of the technology and to know what's right for them in terms of technology upgrades for their dental practice, or how to put together and implement the latest and best technology for a new dental office. We help dentists figure out what technology is needed, what it will cost, and how best to install it for an ergonomic, aesthetic and useful technology infrastructure in their dental practice. And then we install it for you and support it with one phone number to call.

The Painless Process

The process we use to accomplish this is very important; first we help you achieve an understanding of where you are headed before you start buying equipment. We help answer questions like: What is the best positioning for the equipment in my rooms? You have to start with a well-thought-out plan to achieve an office that will enhance your ability to produce more through advanced technology.

Next we work on the budget; what will this technology cost? We help you understand the costs associated with your design choices, before committing to any expenses.

Then we work out a timeline and how to implement the technology into your office with minimum distraction to you and your staff.

Last we implement the plan, on-budget and on-time. Follow-up support of your new technology is one phone call away.